My Imagi~nation Is Rated R

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Goth Gurl

Credit To rory_tutorgirl

Hey You...

I was a friend about a year ago. Im watching smackdown and could use someone to talk to about wrazzzzlin'. Add me back.

Fist off u sign Anonymous so I have no clue as to who u r..And 2nd even if I wanted to add you u need an LJ account.

Hi. I was just surfing around lj and saw we had a few interests in common and a friend in common. Im looking for new friends and wondered if it would be ok to add you?

Youre still on this too!!! YAAAYYY!!!

lol yup im here still..But post once in a while.

You seem really cool and I'm an RVD and Hardyz fan Can I add you please? :)


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