My Imagi~nation Is Rated R

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Goth Gurl

Credit To rory_tutorgirl

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to whom this may concern 2

Their reply was: hobo_bebop

I was about to let you back in the community until you made this comment. I don't know why you felt the need to continue to harass me, but that's sort of a deal breaker. Sorry =(

no u didn't but you do your homework on there as I a have said before I do not know how to freeze comments and if i did I do not know what I did to do so now if you think insulting me even more is you childish attempt to impress people then you need help if you think you're better than anyone just because you hold some sort of grudge against me, give it up, about stupid comments, I just wanted a decent convo because I was bored and thought it would be interesting to find out other peoples opinions unlike you who knows it all.

yeah I have said, i have tried to treat you and the community with the upmost respect and this is how I got treated, again I do not know how to do this stuff and I am sorry if you felt insulted by the way things were handled

Their reply was: hobo_bebop

The word you were looking for was "utmost". The word you used means something different.

Why are you suddenly sorry that you insulted me? Minutes ago you couldn't say enough bad things about me, but now you're sorry if I felt insulted?

You strike me as odd.

the point that I have been trying to make is that why should I get kicked off if i did nothing wrong?

that is all that I want to know you said that you were going to let me on, but, it seems to me that you're just playing a game and insulting my intelligence

all I wanted to do was to get back on the community, I still do not even know how to freeze comments, or block, if i did it was unintentional.
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