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My Imagi~nation Is Rated R

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(no subject)
Goth Gurl

Credit To rory_tutorgirl


This is gonsai from the wwe communities, dropping by to say hello and let you know that I added you.


*waves hi* welcome welcom

Can I add you please? You seem really cool and I'm an RVD and Hardyz fan too! :D

Hi there. Please check your community invites. Thanks!

NP sometimes Rl gets in the way other OL stuff.

Hello...we have some of the same interests...care to add me? I'll be nice...well...maybe I won't but still you should add me anyways!

Hello~ I was wondering if I could post an advertisement for a community I made, wrestling_stamp, in WWE. If not, that's cool! (:

SOrry I didnt see this sooner..Ive been busy..But I see you got aproved for it:)

I see you are a fellow wrestling fan, as well as a huge fan of Edge. That is cool since he is my favorite in WWE as well. It cool if I add you?


Can you shoot me an email when you get a chance? (angelus@hotmail.com)

I seem to have been *mysterously* removed from the WWE community as a member, and I'm just curious as to whether it was a consensus decision or just someone being a dick.

Thank you!


Hey I don't know where I'm supposed to ask this so I'm leaving a comment here...but I tried to join that wwe community and was rejected. Just curious as to why...?

I'm Super Tiredt At The Moment

When we approve peeps for the the comm we have a set of things we look for.

Example if you have something relating to wrestling in your interests then you'll be added...

Now I don’t recall if you had any of the in your interest when I first look at you info but if there was nothing there you weren’t added...This is just an example...

Threes a few other things that are looked for when some one makes a submission to that community..Its nothing against you its just as way to try & keep out the ass clowns.

If this makes no kind of scenes im sorry Ive had a long day including learning how to back bump so forgive me if this makes no scene.

Wanted to friend you because we have the WWE in common. Plus, I love your damn layout and the Hardyz rule.


Thanks on the lay out.And sure you can add me :0)

A Hurricane fan is requesting a friends add. Also, a gemini.

I emailed another mod of the WWE community so I figured I email another one.
I requested to join the WWE community but was declined.
My live journal is still in the works so im not a troll or a spammer. I hope to be let in the community.

Sorry it took soo long to get back to you..Ive been busy with stuff..But yeah you've added.Just have fun & follow the rules.

I am totally sorry to bring this to your personal journal...

But there's no contact info on the profile page for the WWE Community. I'm just wondering why exactly was my membership request declined? My profile isn't creepy-my journal is Friend's Only but my profile is completely filled out.

Thanks, again sorry to spam your journal with this.

Hey, I was just wondering why I was denied membership to wwe when I tried to join.

Thank you for your time.