June 10th, 2009

Lita Abuse Me

2 More Days Till Vacation

I very much hope that these next few days at work go by fast and with a little trouble as possiable.I can't wait to be on my vacation.It's gonna be so nice.

But something that wasn't so nice was the fact that last night I was running and instance in WoW.On that I can't stand,Occulus.And we were on the second to last boss and everyones pc/games froze & we couldn't do jack.And then we found out that our server was down.Blizz clamied it would take a half hour to fix but that didn't happen.

But we will go back to that instance today & try to finish it before it re-sets.

Any ways....Donovan & I made some new toons on another server,one that our current guild mates are on.And so now I have a new lvl 5 troll hunter lol And at some point I will really lvl her to 80 as well :0)

But because of this server thing.I wound up staying up later than I normally do.So today im gonna be uber tired.Meh..I'll deal with it I guess.

And ai all most missed my train this morning.Luckily for me some guy decided to hold open the train doors & I made it.YaY!!!! Me :0)

Um..Err yeah...Aside from being tired/sleepy that's all I got..

Lata my peeps.